Site Reliability, DevOps and Cloud

June 22, 2024 San Francisco, USA


Keynote: Increasing the collaboration between SREs and Developers for the best outcomes on Incident Management

Uma Mukkara

SREs have been at the forefront of Incident management when it comes to recovering the services during the outages. While SREs can follow the best practices such as setting up the SLOs and auto recovery systems as much as possible, the P0 and P1 outages require the developers to join the forces and recover the services in the quickest time possible. Efficient collaboration between SREs and Developers is found to be crucial in achieving successful incident resolution outcomes. This talk focuses on the typical challenges faced at both the Developer and the SRE teams in keeping the communication and technical knowledge sharing to the best of their ability. This talk also discusses some modern solutions such as measuring and improving the Incident Response Readiness. SREs will walk away with new insights on efficient developer collaboration.

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