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SREday 2024 London
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SREday 2024 Amsterdam
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SREday 2024 San Francisco
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SREday 2023 London
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SREday 2022 London
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What others say about SREday

Alayshia Knighten
SREday 2023 is the perfect conference to spark the minds of those who are looking to understand what new technology exists and a framework for networking. The movie theater provided a chill spot to meet folks.
Alessandro Vozza
Developer Relations
A cozy group of people shared their stories about SRE and Platform Engineering, forming a growing community.
Alex Palcuie
Engineering Manager, SRE
Probably the best conference venue I've been to in my life. Some good talks, and lots of nice people all around.
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Staff DevOps Engineer
Compared to other conferences, it was a great balance of community and knowledge—not so large that it felt overwhelming or corporate, and not so small that there was plenty of opportunity to tailor the experience to individual interests. I met lots of diverse interesting people, and everyone was very approachable and friendly. I would recommend it for any skill level or specialization.
Andrew Pruski
Field Solutions Architect
Pure Storage
Really enjoyed the event. The venue was great, and it was really cool to have the big screen to present on. Attendees were engaging and asked lots of questions. Organizers were helpful and friendly.
Antonio Cobo Cuenca
Good atmosphere, good conversations, and a nice venue. In-person conferences like this one are the ones I prefer to be able to learn from others.
Brian Murphy
Technical Staff, SRE
Dell Technologies
I thought the presenters were all wonderful and well-spoken. The venue was splendid as well.
Carly Richmond
Senior Developer Advocate
I really enjoyed the diverse topics and tracks at the conference this year. It was pretty cool to speak in a cinema and enjoy the other talks from comfy couches. Thanks so much, SREday!
Christian Simon
Principal Software Engineer
Grafana Labs
You could clearly notice the effort the conference put towards giving speakers from all backgrounds a chance to share their knowledge. Also, I loved the wide scope of topics. I particularly liked the post-incident learnings, and it is one of the easiest ways to learn something for my day-to-day job.
Dave McAllister
Senior OSS Technologist
Amazing talks from a number of the speakers. The venue was cool, but I would have liked a quiet space for 1-1 discussions. It was really hard to find. I was surprised by the quality of the food. Hope to make it back next year.
David Hirsch
OSPO Program Manager
The location was lovely and easy to reach. A lot of great people open to discussion and networking. The food was delicious too.
Diana Todea
Senior SRE - Cloud Observability
It was a well-mixed event with tech talks, agile talks, devrel talks, networking, sponsors' events. Overall, it was a great conference to witness new trends in tech projects. The networking was great. The organization was beyond my expectations. Definitely an event that you wouldn't want to miss.
Fabio Alessandro Locati
Associate Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, Ansible
Red Hat
I enjoyed my experience at SREday 2023 in London. The event's content (both speakers and hallway conversations) was very engaging.
Fawaz Ghali
Principal Data Science Architect and Head of Developer Relations
Great event with lots of useful discussions and an amazing team.
Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate
I loved it. Great selection of talks in a wonderful venue.
Joy Chatterjee
The Joy of Data
It was such a great experience! So glad I had the opportunity to attend and speak. Will definitely be re-applying to speak next year. The talks covered both critical aspects of SRE as well as other tools and data-related topics. Everything was super well-organized, including speaker dinners and the event venue! Mark and Mikolaj were such amazing hosts; seriously, thank you for a wonderful conference!
Kat Gaines
Developer Advocate
SREday was a really fantastic event driven by a community-minded approach to content and networking! As a speaker, I not only felt that I had an audience who was really participating with my content, but that I also learned a ton from the other speakers.
Krishna Pomar
Lead SRE
It was a great experience for me presenting to the audience, and at the same time, it was a really good learning experience from other presenters too.
Ludovic Farine
VP of Operations
Loved the energy, loved the attendees, and the range of speakers and industries. It was very cool to network with many great minds and discuss challenges and solutions of other SREs.
Madhu Kumar Reddy
I thoroughly enjoyed participating in SREday 2023 as a speaker. The conference was rich with insightful topics, and the networking opportunities were invaluable. My presentation on "Chaos Engineering with Game Theory Principles" was received with great enthusiasm, and I am truly grateful for the platform to share and exchange knowledge. Thank you for organizing such a productive and enlightening event.
Mahesh Venkataraman
Managing Director - Advisory services enterprise architecture process and technology transformation
Right-sized conference designed to maximize audience and speaker interactions.
Mandi Walls
DevOps Advocate
Great content and a nice variety of speakers, and plenty of interesting folks in the audience as well. An excellent event for folks in the SRE space!
Michael Cote
Senior Member Of Technical Staff
I like smaller, regional conferences so that I can see more people, especially those who can't travel to the massive industry events.
Sarjeel Yusuf
Product Manager
It was a great experience, and this was the first time I had ever presented a talk in a movie theater, and the level of the talks was amazing. The audience was very engaged in the talks, as was evident from the type of questions that were asked after the talk.
Simon Copsey
Founder & Coach
Curious Coffee Club
SREday offered a wonderful venue for a welcoming community to learn about important topics. The buzz and variety of talks are unlike any other conference I've attended. Thank you, SREday!
Temitope Faro
Staff Engineer
It was a good opportunity to join other professionals of similar interest working to bring improvements and innovation in the field of SRE and related.


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