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June 22, 2024 San Francisco, USA


Keynote: What if Cardinality was free?

Ruchir Jha

In Observability, Cardinality often gets the short end of the stick due to high costs. This forces engineers to minimize its use. However, SREs, who need to identify business impact quickly, suffer the most from this limitation because of misaligned incentives between developers & SREs. Cardinality reveals crucial business dimensions, linking technical metrics to business outcomes. Imagine if cost wasn't a concern and cardinality was basically free, you would now start seeing advanced tools emerge that could do the slicing on behalf of engineers. In this keynote, we will explore what this evolution in troubleshooting UX could look like?

Ruchir is the co-founder and CEO of Cardinal, which helps engineers view machine data through a business lens. In his previous life, he spent 7 years as a Lead Engineer on Netflix's Observability team, where he built petabyte-scale Observability products that are used daily by thousands of Netflix engineers.

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