Site Reliability, DevOps and Cloud

June 22, 2024 San Francisco, USA


The IaC Tooling Face-off for Modern Cloud Native SRE Practices

Ohad Maislish

With Infrastructure as Code (IaC) becoming the de facto way we manage our infrastructure today, a lot of excellent tools have become widely adopted that each have a different set of strengths. In this talk, we'd like to take a look at the evolution of the IaC landscape over the past decade and where we're heading, with a focus on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and modern cloud-native operations challenges. We'll examine some of the biggest SRE and operations challenges through the lens of IaC, including disaster recovery, security, cost optimization, performance tuning, and even where complexity factors in when choosing your tooling of choice. While many teams have already selected their IaC tooling, we may also like to consider migration and integration of multiple tools for different use cases and stacks. In this interactive talk, we'll allow you to decide which tools we explore - from CDK to Pulumi, Terraform, OpenTofu, Helm, ArgoCD - to learn about how they stack up versus modern cloud-native SRE challenges.

Ohad Maislish is the CEO and co-founder of env0 and part of the founding team for the OpenTofu project. Before env0, Ohad was the CEO and founder of Arno Software, a cloud infrastructure services company, and Capester, a startup that empowered citizens in smart cities worldwide. Over the course of this career, Ohad has also served in different technical and management roles at Ravello Systems, eToro, and VMware. He was also the youngest developer at Microsoft Israel at the age of 17, after starting his bachelor's degree at the age of 14.

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