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Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


Debezium Server - New CDC runtime on the horizon!

Ondrej Babec & Jiri Novotny
Red Hat

Discover Debezium: Real-time database change streaming made seamless. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in with the innovative Debezium Server. Learn about parallelization and Kubernetes deployment using the Debezium Operator and supercharge your application performance.

About me

My name is Ondrej, and I am passionate about almost everything related to IT. I spend most of my free time watching, fixing, or driving cars, so we will have a lot to talk about if you are a car or bike person. Besides that, I have a beard and am pretty tall, so I suppose I am easy to find. I am open to conversing with anyone, learning something new, or giving anybody some advice.


I have been working in Red Hat as a Senior Quality Engineer and Team Lead for almost 6 years now on various projects: * Enmasse * PatrIoT * Apicurio Registry * Debezium Currently, I have two main projects that I am interested in: * Debezium project, which I find very interesting, and I love working with the whole community around it. * Skodjob project: this project was created some years ago by my colleagues David Kornel and Jakub Stejskal. It contains various tooling for long-running test environments on the Openshift environment and database performance tooling. Other than that, I am still trying to find time to work on some of my older projects, like Rust MQTT, the first Async Rust MQTT client for embedded devices at the time.

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