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Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


Beyond K8S - Maturing Your Platform Engineering Initiative

Nicki Watt

Trying to mature your platform engineering team? Don't know where to start, or what pitfalls may be waiting for you. Then this talk is for you. Based on real world experience gained across a variety of clients, and using the CNCF platform maturity model as a guide, we explore & answer such questions

Kubernetes tends to be one of the first tools reached for when building platforms and supporting platform engineering initiatives. But success relies on a lot more than just making K8S itself easier for developers to consume. Working out how to balance people, process, policy and technology within a unique organisational context is key to uncovering a feasible and sustainable path forward. This talk will explore how the CNCF platform maturity model can be used as part of a toolbox to help guide organisations think through such journeys. We begin by identifying a few common scenarios organisations find themselves starting in, and map this onto the model. Then, leveraging our experience of having partnered with different organisations on their platform engineering journeys, we plot out a few paths and options which can help to practically move organisations towards achieving their desired business outcomes.

Nicki Watt currently serves as OpenCredo’s CTO and CEO, a pragmatic hands on software consultancy with specialisms in platform and data engineering as well as cloud native solution development. Her career has seen her wear many hats from Engineer, Systems & Technical Architects to Consultant and now CTO and CEO. With a background in leading and overseeing the successful development and delivery of large scale platform and application development projects, she is a techie at heart, author and regular conference speaker who loves to share her experience with the broader community.

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