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Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


Vertically Integrated in Platform Engineering: Secrets to Success When Operating the Company Within the Company

Matt Simons

Why don't you get dedicated product support from the company? Why is it so hard to get headcount for your platform team? Why is it so hard to drive adoption of the products you create for the dev org?

The truth is that Platform Engineering is a company within a company. Run it that way.

Matt Simons is a Director of Engineering and Head of Platform Engineering at Fanatics Betting and Gaming. He is definitely a human and does very unsuspicious, typical human activities, like grating cheese and turning on light switches. Also he's terrible at writing bios for himself and probably doesn't take the activity (or himself) as seriously as he should. Mild contempt for convention and authority are a pretty core part of who he is. Despite all that, he's still a genuinely decent person who loves meeting new people and talking about interesting things. If you meet him in person, handshakes are allowed and hugs are encouraged. Be warned: he may smile at you.

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