Site Reliability, DevOps and Cloud

Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


Navigating the Path to Reliability: Crafting an SRE Roadmap for Enterprise Success

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio

If you need to define a road map to build more reliable products through SRE building ways of workign adoption, you need to make an strategy to have a solid why and a road map to reah outcomes itertively while you follow SRE road map adoption at your company, in this talk we share a real experience

Jorge is an agilist, Agility & Digital Transformation Lead Coach, QA Manager, DevOps Program Manager, and global speaker who feels passion for Testing Automation, Agile, DevOps and business agility. He enjoys research and learning about business agility and working with cutting-edge technologies. He has been learning continuously for more than 12 years and is still learning new ways to foster enterprise agility and team greatness. He has worked in several roles (developer, tester, IT program manager, Software engineering in Test manager, QA manager, agile coach) which helps him to see the big picture and operational and team members dynamics happening inside organizations. This experience lets him help teams design, build, and implement digital, DevOps and agile transformation strategies. He encourages focus on: People, Productivity, Continuous improvement, Innovation and having fun to enjoy success in our agile journeys. Jorge has been a speaker in Agile and DevOps events organized in Peru, Canada, UK, Netherlands, India, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Panama, Azerbaijan, Australia, US among other countries.

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