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Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


Cloud Native Technologies: The Building Blocks of Modern Database Software

Divine Odazie

Learn how cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes are revolutionizing database software, enabling scalability, resilience, and agility. Join Divine a Data on Kubernetes Ambassador to explore real-world examples and best practices for building the next generation of database solutions.

In the face of ever-growing data volumes and the increasing complexity of modern applications, cloud native technologies are emerging as the cornerstone of next-generation database systems. Last year, Divine joined Severalnines, a company that builds database automation and management software used by hundreds of organizations. Coming from a background of cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Cilium, Divine joined Severalnines in their journey building cloud native database software for cloud service providers and enterprise organizations. In this talk, Divine will explore the multifaceted (many sides) role of cloud native technologies in shaping modern database systems. Divine will delve into the specifics of how Kubernetes Operators, Container Storage Interfaces (CSI), APIs, etc., are transforming the way databases are built, deployed, and managed. Towards the end, Divine will discuss the benefits these technologies bring, such as enhanced scalability, resilience, agility, and automation, highlighting case studies of organizations across the Data on Kubernetes (DoK) community. This presentation is designed for database administrators, software engineers, DevOps professionals, and anyone interested in the intersection of cloud-native technologies and database systems.

Divine Odazie is a Technology Evangelist at Severalnines with over 5+ years of experience in Technology and a track record in Backend Engineering, DevOps, Cloud Native and Developer Relations on a global scale. He has given talks/workshops at developer conferences like Open Source Summit Europe, KubeCon North America, Cloud Native Rejekts, and Ansible Contributor Summit.

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