Site Reliability, DevOps and Cloud

Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


How to Destroy an SRE

Carly Richmond

To understand how to retain, build and grow SREs, we need to know what not to do. In my time in tech I've been a contributor and manager and have good and bad experiences of managing and being managed. Join me as I share how not to manage SRE teams and the mistakes made in this ecosystem.

Retention of SREs is a difficult challenge for teams. LinkedIn listed Site Reliability Engineers on their 2023 Jobs on the Rise list, showing demand for their skills is rising.
To keep SREs engineers happy in this booming industry, as managers, we need to know how to make them unhappy. Join me as I talk about antipatterns in management, development, testing and monitoring patterns that can stop you from retaining awesome SREs.

Carly is a Principal Developer Advocate and Manager at Elastic, based in London, UK. Before joining Elastic in 2022, she spent over 10 years working as a technologist at a large investment bank, specialising in Frontend Web development and agility. She is an agile evangelist, UI enthusiast, and regular blogger. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, photography, drinking tea and chasing after her young son.

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