Site Reliability, DevOps and Cloud

Sep 19-20, 2024 London, UK


New Approaches to Reduce Alert Noise AIOps

Birol Yildiz

This talk will be particularly valuable for DevOps engineers looking to optimize their alert management systems and reduce the cognitive load caused by alert fatigue.

Alert fatigue has long been a significant challenge for the DevOps community, often leading to decreased efficiency and increased stress among professionals. In this talk, we will explore innovative strategies leveraging Artificial Intelligence to mitigate alert noise. We will dive into techniques to group alerts based on content similarity and demonstrate methods to filter events based on various conditions. Furthermore, we will cover approaches to adjusting alert thresholds to find a balance between capturing all potential duplicates and minimizing false positives, providing best practices and guidelines for threshold management to enhance alert accuracy. IT administrators seeking to integrate advanced AI techniques into their monitoring workflows for better performance and reliability, as well as AI and machine learning enthusiasts keen to learn about practical applications of AI in the realm of IT monitoring and alerting, will gain actionable insights and practical knowledge

Birol Yildiz is the Co-founder and CEO of ilert, adeptly steering the company with a rare combination of technical and product expertise. His prior experience includes a significant role as Chief Product Owner for Big Data products at REWE Digital. With a strong foundation in computer science, Birol bridges the gap between developer and product strategist, constantly striving to innovate and provide customer-centric solutions at ilert.

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