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Nov 21, 2024 Amsterdam, NL


In the vast landscape of technology, innovation thrives on the unique blend of neurodiversity, cultural backgrounds, and generational wisdom.

Sarah Gruneisen
Avagasso Coaching

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In the vast landscape of technology, innovation thrives on the unique blend of neurodiversity, cultural backgrounds, and generational wisdom. This dialogue is a tapestry of strategies, stories, and empirical evidence designed to guide you in harnessing this collective power. Explore the art of empathy as a bridge across diverse thought processes, cultural nuances, and generational insights, enriching your team's creativity and problem-solving prowess. This session celebrates the richness of diversity, transforming it into the driving force of groundbreaking advancements in tech.

My core values are trust, authenticity, autonomy, reliability, empathy, and respect. I am committed to fostering a space of understanding and authenticity. My mission is about empowering each individual to discover their unique solutions, fueled by the freedom and trust we instill in one another.

I uphold the inherent worth of each person and strive to promote genuineness in all aspects of our interactions. I am dedicated to unlocking your deepest potential, and nurturing the unseen strengths within you. I aim to guide you in identifying and pursuing your most stimulating, significant, and stretching goals, thereby kindling your intrinsic passions.

Once your inner flame is kindled, my aspiration is for its warmth to leave a lasting imprint on you and to radiate outwards, touching those in your world. My belief is that tasks are short term, existing within the confines of the present, but passion is enduring. It is passion that remains with us, shaping us, defining us, and leaving its indelible mark on the world. This is the essence of my impact: to ignite your enduring fire and allow its heat to echo into eternity.

As a Director of Engineering at Novoda and the Founder/Coach at Avagasso Coaching, I genuinely believe that transformation starts with a shift in mindset!

I started my journey in the late 90s as a software developer, and since then, I have continuously evolved my skillset:

  • Giving trainings since 2002
  • Adopted agile methodologies in 2003
  • Embraced Scrum in 2008
  • Embarked on my leadership journey in 2008
  • Discovered the power of Liberating Structures in 2017
  • Stepped into coaching in 2019

By creating a supportive ecosystem that integrates System, Agile, Personal Development, and Leadership Coaching, you can establish a strong foundation for success. Encourage communication and collaboration, foster a culture of continuous learning, and empower your leaders to guide their teams effectively to achieve the best possible results for your organization.

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