SREday 2023

14 - 15 Sep London, UK
Site Reliability Engineering Conference

DevOps 2.0 - Bigger, Badder with More Automation

Yishai Beeri

It’s hard to imagine ever going back on the process & quality improvements brought by CI/CD. But it only got us so far. It's time we enter the next phase of the DevOps evolution, to continue streamlining our engineering operations, we need to rethink our processes & eliminate the amounting friction.

When DevOps first started to manifest over a decade ago, a lot of the focus was on streamlining engineering, much in the same way as assembly lines. Starting with the most repetitive and automatable processes, we created pipelines for continuous operations––testing, integration and deployment (AKA CI/CD). Concepts were borrowed from Kaizen (Japanese assembly lines) to ensure these processes flowed and worked, and it’s hard to imagine ever going back on the process and quality improvements brought on by CI/CD. But it only got us so far. After solving for automation of programs - tests, integrations, builds and deploys are all basically scripts - our attention can turn to much heavier sources of friction, which are also harder to automate. These are the touch points between humans: pickup time for code reviews, who do I even assign this review to?!, what do I need to line up to get this PR merged? And between humans and programs: flaky builds and tests, builds + tests that take too long, post-deployment ownership during outages, synchronizing access to dev environments, and much more. Enter the next phase of the DevOps evolution. To continue streamlining our engineering operations, we need to rethink our processes and eliminate the amounting friction. In this talk we’ll bring data and research from millions of PRs and developers, and share how simple tweaks have unlocked velocity that is faster by orders of magnitude. Everything from automating trivial code fixes, better understanding of ownership and stakeholders in the process, improved communication (the backbone of DevOps!) all map to greater velocity and developer happiness–and you can too! Join us to learn how.

Yishai Beeri likes to solve problems, and that’s why he was so fascinated with programming when first encountered Logo back in the 80s, where the possibilities seemed endless. He has made it a focus of his career to solve complex programming problems, both as a consultant and entrepreneur. In 2014 he joined the CTO office of a fast-moving cloud security startup, which later was acquired by a networking giant. At this startup he also met Ori Keren and Dan Lines, now co-founders of LinearB. He joined them shortly after the company was established, in order to get back to what he loves most about engineering, solving big challenges, and this time he is focusing on the world of dev team metrics and software delivery management. He is also the host of the very successful Hebrew Podcast - Dev Interrupted.

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