SREday 2023

14 - 15 Sep London, UK
Site Reliability Engineering Conference

My Journey to SRE

Temitope Faro

In this talk, I share my experience & perspective as a SE going into SRE. This is divided into 2 parts - the pre-journey like I'd like to call it focuses on the key skills that you pick up as a SE that preps you for the role and then the actual Journey you start to get fit into SRE.

This talk is targeted towards software engineers today curious about the role SRE and wondering what to do to prepare for the role and if it is the right role for them, but also targeted at beginning SREs as well still in the journey of discovering what SRE means to them and their company, which areas they need to focus on and how to continuously improve. I have divided the talk into two natural parts which I have called the pre-journey; useful skills and experience, behaviours that you pick up as a software engineer that long prepares you before you start to even think of the SRE role itself and beyond. While the second part focuses on how I have been able to wear and settle into the SRE role, things I found surprising, how to define areas of value, and how to start thinking like an SRE.

Staff SRE Engineer @ Depop. Temitope has spent the last decade and a few working in and as part of all kinds of technology companies and consultancy. I am excited about working with development teams and leaders on how to optimise and embrace agile development alongside good engineering practices that allows us to solve business problems and add value. I am in the business of challenging ourselves to think and do right.

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