SREday 2023

14 - 15 Sep London, UK
Site Reliability Engineering Conference

Reliability Engineering: What we learnt so far and what's next

Ruggero Tonelli & Forlidar Macias

From Systems Engineering to Platforms Team, a journey through DevOps and SRE adoptions, progressing from losing one team member per year to “The happiest team in Netquest". A tale of building trust and reliability while adopting anti-fragility; with best practices, anti-patterns and teaming tips.

Last 10 years, systems’ engineering team at Netquest changed various names and passed through different transformations: born Agile, it embraced DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering and matured into Platforms Engineering. During the journey we got close to the five-nines goal where needed, and we also progressed from losing one team member per year to “The happiest team in Netquest Tech and Data” and we’d like to share our journey and “recipe”.

Ruggero is a systems engineer focused on performance, automation and security with a broader experience in architecting and running large-scale, resilient, distributed systems. Currently he’s leading the Platforms|SRE team @Netquest. Continuous improvement advocate, Agile practitioner and Chaos Engineering aficionado, in his free time Ruggero enjoys riding mountain bikes and good food.

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