SREday 2023

14 - 15 Sep London, UK
Site Reliability Engineering Conference

Revolutionizing Developer Experience: Accelerating Software Development in the Modern Era

Pavlos Kleanthous

Revitalize your DevEx! Unleash innovation & efficiency in engineering teams by mastering Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD, & more. Streamline onboarding, create dynamic developer hubs, & cultivate a thriving team culture. Witness a real-life transformation and revolutionize software development today

In this talk, we will explore the importance of Developer Experience (DevEx) in driving innovation, efficiency, and retention within engineering teams, with a particular focus on building on top of the public cloud platforms. We'll delve into how Infrastructure as Code, tooling, CI/CD, and standardization are transforming the software development lifecycle and enabling teams to ship code faster with minimal friction. Discover how a streamlined onboarding process can expedite new developer integration and how tailor-made developer portals can become central hubs for tools, resources, and documentation. Additionally, we will showcase a real-world use case from a UK-based client that demonstrates the transformative impact of these strategies on their development process. Finally, learn how cultivating a healthy and supportive development team culture can foster experimentation and innovation while maximizing business value. Join us in redefining the Developer Experience and revolutionizing the way we create and evolve software in the modern era.

Pavlos Kleanthous is the founder of Parsectix, a U.K.-based software consultancy specializing in cloud-native, serverless and event-driven architectures. With over 15 years of experience and a strong focus on distributed and cloud-based systems, Pavlos has earned a reputation as a respected Technical Leader and problem-solver in the industry. Currently he oversees a team of highly talented, intelligent and thought-provoking technical engineers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. Additionally, he plays a vital role in steering the growth of Parsectix, working collaboratively with the team. Pavlos' unwavering commitment to client success has contributed to the successful completion of numerous transformative projects and the establishment of long-standing partnerships in both the United Kingdom and Germany.

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