SREday 2023

14 - 15 Sep London, UK
Site Reliability Engineering Conference

Chaos Synergy: A Game Theory Approach to Chaos Engineering for Enhanced System Resilience

Madhu Kumar Reddy

Unlock the power of game theory principles in chaos engineering! Our AI model, Chaos Synergy, predicts system behavior under different failure conditions, providing insights for better system hardening. Join me at SREday 2023 and learn how to enhance your system's resiliency with this novel approach

Chaos Synergy is an AI model that utilizes game theory principles in chaos engineering to predict the interactions between system components under various failure conditions. By adopting a game theory approach to chaos engineering, Chaos Synergy enhances system resiliency and improves the reliability of complex systems. In this presentation, attendees will learn how Chaos Synergy uses machine learning techniques to identify potential system failures and minimize their impact on critical infrastructure. By analyzing and modeling the behavior of system components and their interactions, Chaos Synergy provides insights into the system's resilience and enables proactive measures to be taken to prevent future failures. Attendees will also gain an understanding of how game theory principles can be applied to chaos engineering to develop more efficient and effective resilient strategies. With practical examples and real-world use cases, this talk will demonstrate the power of game theory in enhancing system resilience and mitigating risks. Chaos Synergy is an innovative solution to the challenges faced by system architects and engineers. With its cutting-edge technology and game theory-based approach, it offers a new paradigm for achieving enhanced system resiliency in the face of an increasingly complex technological landscape. Attendees of this presentation will leave with a deeper understanding of how to apply game theory principles to chaos engineering, and how to build more robust and reliable systems.

I'm Madhu Kumar Reddy an Architect at Delta airlines and a former employee of Intel. With Over 18 years of experience in IT. I've gained a wide range of expertise in areas such as cloud computing (AWS, Azure, GCP) , AI, Machine Learning and block chain. Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD in cloud computing and a doctorate degree from SSBM University, building upon my previous education with an engineering degree and a master's in computer science. My passion for technology and innovation has driven me to constantly learn and improve my skills, and I'm excited to continue doing so in my current pursuits. As an architect at Delta Airlines, I work to create solutions that optimize our systems and provide the best possible experience for our customers. I want people to know about me because I believe in the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge to drive progress in the tech industry. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and push the boundaries of what's possible. Now, to answer the important question - my favorite member of One Direction is Niall Horan. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me!

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