SREday 2023

14 - 15 Sep London, UK
Site Reliability Engineering Conference

Mastering Incident Communications

Kat Gaines

Clear comms are critical when moments matter. Translating engineering terms to customer-friendly comms is harder than you think. Come to this talk to learn how to work with your customer-facing teams to translate your systems to customer symptoms, allowing you to get back to focusing on a fix.

When launching new products or dealing with an outage, customer-facing teams see terms thrown around internally that customers might not identify with immediately. Good communication practices, including good translation of engineering terminology to customer-friendly communication, can save time and increase customer satisfaction when moments matter. Customer Support's unique ability to understand both what is happening internally as well as what customers need to hear positions your team as the experts to steer communications during major incidents. Come to this talk to learn how to partner with your customer-facing teams during major incidents.

Kat is a developer advocate at PagerDuty. She enjoys talking and thinking about incident response, customer support, and automating the creation of a delightful end-user and employee experience. She previously ran Global Customer Support at PagerDuty, and as a result, it’s hard to get her to stop talking about the potential career paths for tech support professionals. In her spare time, Kat is a mediocre plant parent and a slightly less mediocre pet parent to two rabbits, Lupin and Ginny.

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